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We are currently scheduling appointments for March-December 2024.

We will start taking appointments for January-June 2025 in July.

For The Farmer

We are a custom inspected butcher shop so all animals must be sold PRIOR to getting dropped off. 

We must have full names and phone numbers for ALL individuals receiving meat from EVERY animal. There are kill cards hanging in the back area of the pens for you to write down all of that information. After you fill out the kill card(s), place each one in the pocket on the gate in front of the animal's face so we know which one is yours. Fill out one card per animal.

Make sure all your customers call in their cut orders in a timely fashion. We can take cut orders up to a week before the scheduled slaughter date. Beef orders need to be in within 3 days of slaughter. Pigs, sheep, and goat orders need to be in by 12pm on the day of slaughter. We will do a standard cut order for any cut orders not received by these designated time frames.

If you want weights for your animals(s) you are welcome to call anytime AFTER 2pm est on the day of slaughter. We will take the live and dressed weight of every animal on the day they get slaughtered.

By scheduling animals for slaughter, you are agreeing to have all portions of the animal sold and assigned prior to the slaughter date, guaranteeing your customers will have their cut order placed in the time frames above, and to have animals dropped off in the times below. All cancelations should be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Drop Off Instructions

Animals can be dropped off either the evening prior (after 2:00pm) or the morning of slaughter (by 8:00am eastern standard time). If you have more than 5 pigs or 3 beef booked on a day, we would like to have them dropped off the evening before or by 7:00am the day of slaughter.

Our pens are located on the back, northwest corner of our building. There is a gate that opens into two lanes of pens. Beef and sheep/goats should be taken into the SOUTH lane (closest to your trailer) first and make sure to fill all the individual pens before unloading into the north lane. Pigs should be unloaded first into the NORTH lane (closest to the road), before using the south lane. Make sure to fill out one kill card per animal.

There is a hook hanging up high to the right inside the main gate, between the two lanes with kill cards. Fill out one card for each animal you brought. Fill out the farmer name and phone number and the slaughter date (not when you dropped them off, but the date they will get butchered) at the top of the card. The middle section MUST be filled out with ALL names and phone numbers of people receiving meat. We are a custom inspected shop so all animals have to be presold. If you have ear tags on your animals, you can fill out the ear tag spot near the bottom of the card. At the very bottom of the card is a spot for animal descriptions. Make sure to use this if you are bringing multiple animals so we can make sure to get the correct animal to the correct customers. Use this spot also for any extra notes. There is also a check box near the bottom right side of the card, if your beef is over 30 months old please mark the box. We will fill out the lot number at the top, and the live and dressed weights near the bottom. On the back side of each individual gate (in front of your animals face) is a pocket/slot near the top for you to place each kill card. 


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