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Custom Processing: Beef, Pork, Sheep, Deer

We will be closed September 2nd for Labor day.

Custom Inspection

Here at First Capitol Meats Inc. we are a custom inspected butcher shop. This means that although we do not sell meat, we do process animals for individual customers.

How does this work? It's actually pretty easy.

1) Contact your local farmer and request to buy whatever portion of the animal you desire (ex: half a beef). The farmer will book slaughter dates with us and let you know when they bring in your animal.

2) The week before your animal is brought in, you call us and we will walk through your cut order.

3) We will notify you when your animal has been processed and then you will pay us for processing when you pick up your meat.

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Who are we?  

First Capitol Meats exists to serve the local community by butchering animals for small town farmers who sell directly to families.  Our goal is to serve as an authentic and transparent link between farmers and their customers.  We strive to make the processing of your animals as easy as possible, while providing a family centered work environment so we can ensure the continuation of farm to table meats.

Garth and Blake are brothers in a family of 8 kids who grew up on their family farm.  Up until they undertook the task of being butchers in 2020, they were still employed on that farm.  Many of the tasks on their farm, helped enable them to take over First Capitol Meats.  From an early age, they have helped raise, butcher, and sell animals, allowing them to become familiar with many tools of the trade.  Their family’s business also ingrained the importance of authentic customer service and customer satisfaction. 

We are excited to get to know you and have the opportunity to work with you in getting you wholesome meat options for your family!

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